Funny poetic: Why I never wish to Marry a poetic comedy Lady

Funny Poetic | Poetic Comedy | Why I never wish to Marry a poetic Lady

Funny Poetic – Poetic Comedy


Funny Poetic - Poetic Comedy.
Funny Poetic – Poetic Comedy.

If I say let’s read the book of Romans
She’ll start writing a tale of Romance

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If I give her a Rose
She’ll sell it to buy a book of prose

If I pet her and call her my Mommy
She’ll say that’s a mere irony

If I say my love for her is green as Lilly
In the watered valley

She’ll say that’s just a mere simile

instead of building our holy

Love in matrimony
She’ll be busy creating lines harmony

If I complain of lack of affection
She’ll say: what a romance poem diction

If I say praise the Lord
She’ll say a that’s the line of the ode

If I say I detest every form of purn
be it on television or phone
She’ll say what a sweet line of pun

If I to order to get her attention
She’ll say: it’s a rhetorical question?

She’ll use kick the bucket as a euphemism
To qualify death. And If I fire criticism
She’ll say my objection is literal barbarism

If I tell her to try to be unique
By watching her physique
She’ll call it a 3rd person narrative technique

Instead of teaching our kids chastity
She’lmodeling modeling creativity

Instead of giving g my kids night goodbye
She’ll be busy sina ging them lullaby

If i get angry
She’ll say: I fit perfectly into allegory

Instead of caring for the cooking pot
She’ll be busy creating a storyline plot

If I say her behavior is abnormal
She’ll say she’s writing a journal

If we’re having a family meeting
She’ll be busy imagining
storyline setting

If I say no one is a religious bigot
She’ll be upset a little that is litote

If I tell her to stop watching movie Trailer
caretakerkids caretaker
She’ll say it’s helping her as a novella

If I tell her to take work easy
She’ll say she’s working on an essay

If I invite her to our love feast table
She’ll tittle it as imaginative fable

if in the morning I don’t say hello
She’ll write it down as character flaw

If I say my stomach needs something edible
She’ll say that’s a perfect parable

If I say she should stop people’s caricature
She’ll say it is a harmless metaphor

If I say am the head of the family
She’ll use metonymy
and cast down my masculine dignity

Instead of letting my kids play the ball
it She’ll collect & use as a poetic symbol
And say it can be one’s eye in hyperbole

I say we’re in emotional Judas generation

She’ll say: that’s a baseless Allusion

If I tell her that man utd is my Tan team
She’ll use it as entertainment poem theme

Even when I retire
She’ll still use our love tale as satire
To advance her poetry career

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