Are you a football fans? Lets play a game, by spelling your name with real football clubs

football clubs

Hello football Fans 👋

First of all foreword, this game is restricted for only Real Football Fans

If you don’t know much about football you may not attempt this game…

football clubs

We need you all to do something special by spelling out your Name with football clubs in the universe.

PLEASE NOTE: You must use real football clubs and not fake names ❌

So Lets get started ✔

Can You Spell Out Your Name making Use of Football Clubs?

 My name is EMMANUEL so 👇

📌 E – Everton

📌 M – Man United

📌 M — Man City

📌 A — Arsenal

📌 N — Norwich

📌 U — Unidese

📌 E — Everton

📌 L — Liverpool

Drop yours below!

Let’s see real Fans now


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